Where to, Whittie?

College Cabin Last Weekend

Posted on: October 27, 2012

This is a bit old, but I had been waiting for the pictures. I am still waiting for pictures, so this now, pictures later!


This weekend was Parents’ Weekend, and as you can probably tell, there were a lot of parents here on campus.


Exactly a year ago, I surprised my family by going home and visiting them. This entailed literally hiding in the bushes and waiting for them to leave, in order for me to settle in quietly and sneakily. Unfortunately, I did not go home this year–I went to college cabin instead.


It turned out to be the best thing a homesick student can ever be part of on a Friday evening to Saturday afternoon weekend. I went with my club and Club Latino; together, there were sixteen students who went on the trip. A lot of them are freshmen, so it was very fun and easy to tell them horror, cabin stories. For example, as Ashley drove into the college cabin parking lot, I pointed to an old, waterless outhouse and told them it was the toilet for the night and afternoon. They were all horrified and continued being horrified until they finally eventually figured it out.


We then went in and did the Macarena to jumpstart the evening of activities. We danced for about four to six minutes until we all got bored with the Macarena.


Other highlights of the evening and the following afternoon were:

  • “The Hot Seat” during dinner (home-made burgers – burnt patties = yum!) – it is basically the group getting to ask the person on the hot seat any questions they want to know about the person. Common questions included:
    • What do you miss most about home?
    • What is your personal motto?
    • If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
    • What is your favorite pick-up line you like to use?
    • Crinkle or fold? [Which I never thought about until then and now]
    • The interview – which is not what I expected and I cannot say much, because it is a long tradition passed down amongst Club Latino (and now me). So if you ever come to college cabin with us—you’ll know what I’m talking about.
    • Two games of imaginative mafia that eventually became a heated, passionate argument where everyone thought I was the mafia when I was in actuality the detective.
    • A game of Uno that no one won
    • A hike wearing my good ol’ flip-flops. I actually went in the river a bit to test the resilience of my toes. Apparently, they are quite strong.

All in all, everything was much better than I expected. I had originally planned to skip out on going into the wilderness so that I could rest. It had been a tiring week, full of errands and tests. But thank goodness I did not. I would have missed forming a new family.


For the rest of my weekend, I have been studying and trying to write a 7-page fiction for my creative writing class. I don’t know which activity is better. I am stumped on both sadly.


Well, to a merry rest of the weekend!

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