Where to, Whittie?

Respiration, Photosynthesis, Election, and Sauna–eventful Tuesday

Posted on: October 17, 2012

I had my biology test today, where I was tested on photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Let me make metaphor, using what I studied for last night to relay how my day went: my day began with the build-up of last night’s tension, stress, and worries; like the build-up of a proton gradient; only to end with a wealth of energy, like ATP, by the end of the day. After taking two exams: physics and biology, my adrenaline rushing, I was energized enough to run errands, work ahead on homework, and catch up on my television shows. Some people will tell you, “Once you’re in college, you won’t have time to watch television.” Wrong. You just have to learn how to manage time well and multitask when needed. Midterms are done until another couple of weeks, with the exception of the organic chemistry exam happening next Friday. But I will have plenty of time to study a single exam.

I went to watch the Presidential Debate today in Maxey with other students. Did you watch it? It was interesting and entertaining. I really enjoyed how it became a campus event, a lot of people gathering at Maxey to watch it on one big screen, and how at the end of the debate, we had our own discussion. Another reason why I know it is Election Year is the fact that political clubs were going around campus and residence halls, asking people if they were registered to vote, and if not, to register here and now. I like that a lot.

In other news, I am reading delightful stories by Lydia Davis for my creative writing class. How mind boggling the author is! I was with a friend, and we were both mulling over a piece I will be presenting to my class. The thing is: this is what I love about Whitman. Talking about complex things and having an intellectual dialogue with peers—it is so refreshing compared to high school. I remember last year, in order to understand and survive Encounters (a mandatory freshman course that explores different themes), we read aloud the assigned readings and discussed them afterwards in the sauna. Yep, that’s right, the sauna. And that is where I was today after taking my exams, running errands, working ahead on homework, watching the presidential debate, and catching up on my television shows. Ahh, I cannot believe I have skipped out on the sauna for so long.

I think I am becoming a tad frazzled and loopy, and soon, I will start to talk in tangents. So good night! I know I will.

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