Where to, Whittie?

Dinner with some lovelies

Posted on: October 15, 2012

Today has been a lot of catching up and studying for my organic chemistry quiz on Monday and my physics & biology exam on Tuesday. Sounds terribly fun, right?

I just had dinner with my old section mates. Instead of eating fried chicken in the dining hall, we decided to cook dinner ourselves: seasoned cauliflower and asparagus, roasted chicken, and Mexican rice. The chicken was already prepared, so all that was needed to be done was warming it up in the oven. Caitlyn prepared the Mexican rice while I ripped the cauliflower into smaller pieces with my bare hands. All in all, the meal was delicious, and the company was fabulous. I have not seen them for awhile (been in the bat cave studying frantically), so it was really nice to see them. I got to hear about their week and their relationships, and I told them mine. It was so open and intimate in my old section lounge—I really miss not being in their presence 24/7 like last year.

Last night, I worked with middle school and high school students from the WISE Program, which is a program geared to getting local middle and high school students excited about college. It is a really cool program, and you all should consider working for it next year if you come! It was really fun seeing the kids I worked with again and many pictures were taken. I am very amused when I took secret snapshots of the kids who did not want their pictures taken—I was one of those kids. Now, I realize how fast time is going, and pictures are necessary to commemorate these little moments. One of my suite-mates, Nic, was super sweet and volunteered to teach the kids how to do some clay techniques. They loved him; he was able to quip and sass back at them each time they sassed and quipped at him. I was so jealous; I get flustered all the time when someone makes a quip at me. My sisters, though pros as they are at sassing, have yet to train me in the arts of sassing.

 There was also a musician playing in the basement of Reid last night. The Events Board often invites musicians to come and play–one of the best things about the Whitman social life. The only reason I was able to come and listen was because I was locked out of the science building, where all the kids were watching stars from the telescope in the planetarium. They told me later that it was “so cool” and that it was too bad I missed it. Until next time.   


Today has been a good, quiet Sunday. I am thankful.

Until tomorrow.

And all will break loose.

But until them, I am very satisfied with how things are looking.        

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