Where to, Whittie?

A Thoughtful Friday Ended with Halo

Posted on: October 13, 2012

Today has been quite interesting.
A guidance counselor from my high school came to see and learn more about Whitman–it was really cool to talk to her about what I’ve been doing here at Whitman. I really hope this opportunity for her to come here will generate more students from Mountlake Terrace to come to this college. Moreover, I was sitting with a bunch of admission officers during the lunch event, and we came to talking about personal statements. I came to discover how powerful a personal statement can be–it shows these admission officers you and your depth. I guess I did know this, but hearing from them, I realized how incredibly even more powerful a personal statement can be. So good luck! You will do awesome. 
Someone asked me how I transitioned going from a public high school to a private liberal arts college. Academically, I have always been very good at time management, so I fared very well last year. I was not able to slip by with shallow essays I wrote in high school, and I had to work much harder in Calculus, but overall, my public education and work ethics had allowed me to transition very well. My advice is to take four classes your first semester of college–that way, you will have time for the overall college experience: long-lasting friendships, boyfriends/girlfriends, parties, concerts, lectures, sports, and club activities. 
As for socially, I was trying to tell the people at my table (mind you, many of them adult-adults) that I did very well. I did this very inarticulately, because I need time to formulate my thoughts on deep topics. But what I wanted to tell them, articulately, was the fact that I found my second family here at Whitman among the Prentiss girls I lived with. I did recognize my different experiences than the majority of my section mates–I’m ethnic while all but two are Caucasian; I’m a first-generation / working class student while all were either second or third generation college students–but somehow, I fell in love with them. We were the Amazonian tribe on the third floor. I admit, I do have a friend who was not able to integrate well within the section, because of these vast differences, but I was able to. While I do not know how it feels to travel abroad or not have to work while being in school, I do know a bit about other things: sports, theater, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, relationships, family, and the celebration towards living and life that allowed me to bond well and cherish every moment with the other women of my section. I came to Whitman find like-minded people who share my passion for learning and education, and I found them.  
Along the way of building a second family, I discovered the differences. While it does stress me, it inevitably led me to my passion: bridging these differences here on campus and here in my community and the world (maybe not the world, because that is too big of a task). I am the co-president of First Generation / Working Class club. By bridging, I mean that we, the club, serve other first generation / working class students: being their support system, friends, people they can relate to. Ashley, the other president, and I are trying to create and build a strong sense of community among the first generation / working class students, so they too, like all other Whitman students, can have an amazing college experience. At the same time of being a support system, the club serves to raise awareness of class issues on campus. That way, we can bridge ourselves to other students. For example, my event in November, which is at the moment hushed and behind closed doors (still working it all out–so don’t tell anyone just yet). These activities I carry out as the co-president are challenging and a lot of work but an immense joy. I always knew I wanted to do something with my life, but I never knew what. Coming to Whitman has allowed me to find a passion, my passion.   
Does any of that make sense? I hope it does; I think I articulated my thoughts as well as I could. I really wish I could have articulated all of this during the luncheon–but my tongue is forever tied when talking about things other than celebrity crushes and what nots. Perhaps, whenever I am going to have a serious talk with someone, I should write everything down and read from it. That will save a lot of repetitions of “like,” “and um,” and “and like.” Isn’t that what a lot of people do? Hmm…food for thought.  
Speaking about food, my two fish died. Well, at least one of them died. By the end of Four-Day Weekend, I became very bored of the fish. The night before I was going to give away my fish to La Casa, where a fish tank is located, I discovered one of them, Nicky Sparks, floating at the surface, seemingly dead. Immediately, I hiked to La Casa to drop off my other fish, Jona Bartleby, in case it too will die. Jona appeared to love the fish tank and immediately acclimated to the new environment with three other La Casa goldfish. As for Nicky Sparks, I held a funeral service for her; two of the La Casa residents attended and said their goodbyes. With the theme song of Star Wars playing the background, I was about to drop her off into the toilet where all dead fish go. I then felt her moving. I realized she had come back to life, so I spent the next fifteen minutes convincing the La Casa residents that Nicky came back to life as she continued to float on the surface of the water.
Well, I was right. She did come back to life; the next day I came to visit her, she was very energetic in the fish tank. The weird thing was the fact that Jona Bartleby completely disappeared–he was nowhere in sight. I’ve come to the conclusion that Nicky has eaten Jona, and that is why she was very energetic and Jona is missing. Weird, huh? And the next day, Nicky died. My friend gave her a funeral service–I had to go to Biology Lab. I will visit her soon though.
So moral of the story? I’m not too keen on fish. 
Ahh, I was supposed to be studying for my organic chemistry quiz. Yes, I am studying on a Friday night. You would be too if you have the quiz on Monday and a biology and physics exam on Tuesday. Should I also add that I have a group presentation on Thursday? However, I am thankful that I have no essays to write. I prefer any tests and exams anytime. Well, maybe not anytime. But you know what I mean. Also, that is what a Whittie does. Study on Friday nights. Well, maybe not. While we play hard, we don’t forget to also work hard.
One more piece of news before I decide to study again…maybe I will not tell you. Just remind me to tell you on November 8th. Unless it becomes bad news then forget I ever mentioned anything.   

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