Where to, Whittie?

Zumba was amazing! And if you knew me, you would know I hate to dance in public. But with my great friends and music, Zumba was simply amazing. The instructor, a junior, is a total sweetheart, and although she was going a bit fast for me (but any rate of dancing is fast for me), I was able to have fun. I build a shield of friends to shield me from the rest of the class and that allowed me to dance freely with everyone else. My gosh, can’t wait for next week!

Afterwards, I had section dinner. Theme is “No Utensils,” which means what it means. Although everyone gave in to using a spoon–we were eating rice–I stuck to my fingers ’til the very end. I must admit, while it was really fun, I was very repulsed at how messy I was by the end of the meal. The food was amazing though. And I feel like by eating with my hands, I felt fuller much quicker than when I eat with utensils. My theory is that I ate slower, and therefore, my stomach was able to tell my brain that I was full much quicker. 

Oh by the way, I am now living in the Tower of Lyman Hall. Apparently, with my arrival and the leaving of two basketball players, the average height of my section has significantly dropped. But that’s alright–it just means I don’t have to crane my neck up too often anymore. The section itself is very warm and welcoming. It has a really Anderson-esque feel to it, but at the same time, it’s much warmer and welcoming. I can’t believe I didn’t visit Lyman sooner! 

Anyways, I’m off to doing physics. 

Have a great day! 

Today was a flurry of activities!

I met with my section for next semester, and I am totally pumped for next semester. It will be fun, whimsical, and exciting! Everyone was very warm and welcoming, and it will be very awesome meeting new people.

This year, my suite and I decided to participate in White Elephant, so we exchanged gifts today. I was very lucky to grab one of the last numbers, or else I do not think I would have gotten a great gift as I did. Some of the gifts included: old library books, missing puzzle pieces, toilet paper, premium water, and other relics. For White Elephant, I bought this capsule where you can grow your own mini-cactus in, which was one of the better gifts. Other cool gifts included a gnome and a slingshot monkey stuffed animal (which I got, and I am thrilled).

There was one gift everyone was avoiding, just because it came from a certain person who we all knew very well to give a not-so-thrilling gift. But alas, someone ended up with his gift and when they took out what was in the Safeway bag, a long pause was made from all of us. He had stuffed a plastic cup in the bag, and that was what Johnny pulled out. But that was a gag gift. He also included a drawing, and actually, I would say that was one of the cooler gifts. All in all, I laughed so much tonight that my cheeks now hurt. And I am feeling very lazy now, which is bad.

Anyways, I will be working on my take-home-quiz now. At last, I’ll try to. It’s due Friday, so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Have a good night.


Oh boy, today was immensely busy!

My day started at 6 AM, when some of the Lyman RA’s came to welcome me as part of their staff. Yep, that’s right. You are looking at next semester’s (and fall semester’s) resident assistant of Lyman, specifically the Tower. The lovely tower is well fortified for mischievous fun…perhaps a little section pranks, maybe? Who knows?

I then had my classes, took the hardest organic chemistry exam, and dissected a pig for biology. The test was as hard as I expected, no doubt about that. And I was excited to dissect a pig until I realized I was dissecting an actual pig, which made me really nervous. The only thing I’ve ever dissected before was a worm in my biology class. So, it was just an eye opening experience. And frankly, an anxious one.  

So as you can maybe tell, I am feeling extremely happy to sit here and blog about my day, without any worry about any upcoming exams (in two weeks) and dissecting a pig (in one week) and waking up at 6 AM (hopefully never, ever again).

There were a cappella performances tonight, starring Sirens of Swank, Schwa, and the Testosterones. It was really fun and geared towards celebrating the holiday season, my favorite time of the year! I hope it snows soon! I’ve been telling people that it will snow soon…hopefully if I say it enough, it will happen before I go home for the break.

Actually, before the performances, I ate dinner with some friends at Prentiss. Tonight, Bon Appetite was serving meals that celebrated the African culture, and my goodness, it was delicious!

And in a couple of hours, I will be hanging out with a couple of friends, who I have not seen since Thanksgiving Break. Ahh, what a lovely way to celebrate the end of the day. Until then, I will be watching good old Grey’s Anatomy.     


Today we had our very first soccer practice for our very first game tomorrow! I am so in love with the team this year–the energy is just marvelous and noncompetitive and fun! Plus, I elected myself as Coach and the Water Girl for the team, which means a lot of fun on my part and terror on theirs. We practiced on the side lawn of Cordiner, and by practice, I meant scrimmaged. Gosh, I forgot how fun soccer can be! Also, I forgot how tiring running can be. I have not gone to the gym at all, and I think I may start soon…but in all honesty, I think I did pretty well. I was tired, but I can be very stubborn as a defender and aggressive as a forward. Plus, playing as goalie really cut back my running, and as coach, I doubt I have to play at all tomorrow. We have about 6 to 7 subs, so I am in no fear.

I keep telling my team, “don’t worry about winning or losing, this is all about fun” and “we only won one game last year, and it was on default–the other team didn’t show up–so don’t worry.” But I have a feeling that we’ll win two of the three games this year, because my team is really good! There is this student from Japan, who is playing for the first time, and she is amazing as defense. We have a lot of sly forwards, and just a lot of  hard-core runners. We also have me for the coach. I cannot wait!

Now, I must get ready for a birthday dinner–two of my suite mates are turning 20 this week, and this calls for a big celebration, i.e eating Thai food. Yum! Can’t wait.

And tonight, La Casa and Club Latino is celebrating Day of the Dead, which should be awesome. I cannot wait!


Today was the grand opening of In My Shoes, a First Generation / Working Class exhibit of what it means to have such an identity.

I am filled with warmth and love as I am writing this, and I think you can tell how the event went.

A lot of my section mates, friends, and beautiful bunches of people came to see the exhibit. As my friend puts it, “Of course I’m coming. This is your baby!” Not that they came to support me–the majority who came wanted to see such a fine gallery–someone actually wrote that in the guestbook, of the exhibit being one of the finest ones put on so far. There were more than twenty people who came at 4:30 PM, and as the clock ticked on, more people trickled in. It is such an amazing exhibit (not being biased), that it is hard not to go and see. There are many photos, abstract art, stories, experiences, abstract stories and poems of what it means to be a first generation / working class student. A visitor writes of how some of the stories made her cry a little because of how raw the voices were. For instance, the story that struck me the most was about how her mother obtained a biochemistry degree in Mexico, only to be working in a factory here in the United States. Another person put on a photo of snow and chopped trunks of trees with a comment, “This is what an unemployment man does on his spare time.” An alumni wrote about his experience then compared to now. A professor talked about her experience with her colleagues.  Another visitor wrote how she may never know what it is like being first generation and/or working class, but she hoped they learned a bit more after today. And that is what I hope the gallery helped do.

If you’re around from now (October 29th) to November 11th, come to the Reid Campus Center and see and hear such a moving exhibit of work.

For the first time ever, I made a meal!

Yesterday was a Club Latino Potluck, so after brunch, I gathered all the ingredients I had at hand and Safeway and made Vietnamese Spring Rolls. It turned out to really great…well, really plain, but the peanut butter sauce I made to accompany with the meal made the rolls amazing. A lot of people liked it, while I liked the hash brown casserole and quesadillas more. Everyone made a meal, and we all gathered at the GAC to enjoy it. It was really nice.

Afterwards, I prepared some work for today. I am setting up a First Generation / Working Class Gallery today in the Reid Campus Center. You should come if you can—it will be opened from October 28th to November 11th, displaying the theme of what it means to be first generation and/or working class.

At 7:30 PM, we gathered in front of Prentiss to walk to North, for the annual haunted hospital! It was super scary, and as I approached nearer to the front of the line, I literally felt butterflies in my stomach in anticipation of the fear I would be dealing with. The scariest part of the entire ordeal was when we went through the children’s ward, and one of the kids followed me and spoke very hauntingly. I tried pushing my friend toward the kid and be as far away from the kid as possible, but my friend knew better.

After the adrenaline rush, we went and watched some scary movies that scared me so much I would not go to sleep until my roommate was back. Yes, I have quite a weak heart. That is what my uncles say when they do not want to go on the roller coaster. We watched “Let Me In,” the American adaptation of “Let the Right One In.” I enjoyed the Swedish version much more—it was more beautiful and had a chilling elegance, in comparison to the American adaptation. Nonetheless, the American adaption was scary.

Now, here I am, about to head to Reid to set up the gallery. Cannot wait! Have a good weekend—I certainly am.  

This is a bit old, but I had been waiting for the pictures. I am still waiting for pictures, so this now, pictures later!


This weekend was Parents’ Weekend, and as you can probably tell, there were a lot of parents here on campus.


Exactly a year ago, I surprised my family by going home and visiting them. This entailed literally hiding in the bushes and waiting for them to leave, in order for me to settle in quietly and sneakily. Unfortunately, I did not go home this year–I went to college cabin instead.


It turned out to be the best thing a homesick student can ever be part of on a Friday evening to Saturday afternoon weekend. I went with my club and Club Latino; together, there were sixteen students who went on the trip. A lot of them are freshmen, so it was very fun and easy to tell them horror, cabin stories. For example, as Ashley drove into the college cabin parking lot, I pointed to an old, waterless outhouse and told them it was the toilet for the night and afternoon. They were all horrified and continued being horrified until they finally eventually figured it out.


We then went in and did the Macarena to jumpstart the evening of activities. We danced for about four to six minutes until we all got bored with the Macarena.


Other highlights of the evening and the following afternoon were:

  • “The Hot Seat” during dinner (home-made burgers – burnt patties = yum!) – it is basically the group getting to ask the person on the hot seat any questions they want to know about the person. Common questions included:
    • What do you miss most about home?
    • What is your personal motto?
    • If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
    • What is your favorite pick-up line you like to use?
    • Crinkle or fold? [Which I never thought about until then and now]
    • The interview – which is not what I expected and I cannot say much, because it is a long tradition passed down amongst Club Latino (and now me). So if you ever come to college cabin with us—you’ll know what I’m talking about.
    • Two games of imaginative mafia that eventually became a heated, passionate argument where everyone thought I was the mafia when I was in actuality the detective.
    • A game of Uno that no one won
    • A hike wearing my good ol’ flip-flops. I actually went in the river a bit to test the resilience of my toes. Apparently, they are quite strong.

All in all, everything was much better than I expected. I had originally planned to skip out on going into the wilderness so that I could rest. It had been a tiring week, full of errands and tests. But thank goodness I did not. I would have missed forming a new family.


For the rest of my weekend, I have been studying and trying to write a 7-page fiction for my creative writing class. I don’t know which activity is better. I am stumped on both sadly.


Well, to a merry rest of the weekend!


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